Comberton Village Map

Village Map

My Comberton village map is available as
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This map was initially created by Paul Hardy in his leisure time during February to August 2001. The triggers to its creation were a combination of

Minor updates were done in October/November 2002, at which point it was adopted by the parish council and two large copies installed in the village (by village pond and near Meridian school). A more major update and revised design was done in October/November 2006, while Paul was working in the USA for ESRI (but visiting Comberton).

The basic steps in the creation of the map were:

Thanks were due to Laser-Scan Ltd, for their permission to use my company laptop computer, their Gothic LAMPS2 mapping software, and other resources for this map creation project. Thanks are also due to Scott Weslford for flying the Cessna for the aerial photography. Thanks go similarly to ESRI Inc in Redlands, California for use of my company laptop in carrying out the 2006 revision and redesign.

The resulting map is intentionally free of Crown or other third party copyright. Paul Hardy grants free use of this map for non-commercial purposes which benefit the village of Comberton, provided that this copyright note is retained. For any commercial use, contact Paul Hardy, 15 Kentings, Comberton, CAMBRIDGE, CB23 7DT, Corrections of errors and ommissions are welcomed.

The current version is A3 landscape format, and includes two images from the village sign, courtesy of Mark Bennet. These images are available separately as Obverse and Inverse Tiff files.

Local accuracy is around 10 metres at best. The coordinate system is British National Grid (lower left of map is TL3755), with grid spacing of 500m. This map is provided 'as is', based on best effort with limited resources and is not definitive. If you want a definitive map, go to Ordnance Survey!

Archived older versions are available for the August 2001 version (7), and the November 2002 version (8) at my archive site.

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