Paul Hardy's Tune Index (by title)

Created 17/06/2019

Titles beginning with

TitleRhythmKey IncipitFile and No.
Adieu les Filles de Mon PaysMarch Gmaj |G2 B>A|G2 B>A| #1601
Banks and Braes O Bonnie Doon, YeWaltz G |G2G|A>GA| #2601
Cobbler's HornpipeTriple Hornpipe Em |G2EF/G/ A/G/F/E/|FD2AGF| #3601
Cuckold Come Out of the AmreyMarch Edor |EFGE G3A|B3A B2d2| #3602
Errata - Minor corrections to tunesNone G |DEADBEEF| #99999
Excuse MeJig Em |E2E E2e|d2d B2d| #5601
Gypsy Princess, TheReel G |B3B B2 B2|ABAG E2 DE| #7601
Maid Behind the Bar, TheReel D |FAAB AFED|FAAB A2de| #13002
Mrs Kenny's Barn DanceHornpipe C |Gedc Gedc|A2 df a3 g| #23009
Old Molly OxfordMarch D |d2 cd e2 f2|e2 dc Bc d2| #14602
Orlando's ReturnMarch G |GFGA G2 A2|BABc B2 c2| #14601
Over the Sea to SkyeAir G |D>ED|G2G| #18601
Peacocks MarchMarch G |g2 d>d d2 B>A|B2 G>G G2 AB| #15601
Railway, TheJig G |G2G GBd|g2d d2d| #17602
Rosalie, the Prairie FlowerBarndance G |B>AG>F G2 E2|D>ED<B, D4| #17601
Skye Boat Song, TheAir G |D>ED|G2G| #18601
Step BackMarch D |d2 cd e2 f2|e2 dc Bc d2| #14602
Tommy Peoples' ReelReel G |G2BG cGBG|ADDE FGAF| #19601
Upton-Upon-Severn Stick DanceJig G |dBB BAG|AGA BGE| #20601
Will Ye No Come BackAir G |G>A B G|E G D2| #23601
Woodland FlowersHornpipe C |Gedc Gedc|A2 df a3 g| #23009

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