Paul Hardy's Tune Index (by title)

Created 07/06/2019

Titles beginning with

TitleRhythmKey IncipitFile and No.
Air 36Air Am |A e c d|e2 e A| #1636
Archibald MacDonald of KeppochAir Em |G3 A B2|g3 f e2| #1006
Boda WaltzWaltz G |B3 c BA|B3 c BA| #2602
Brafferton VillageWaltz G |B3 A G2|B2 c2 d2| #2601
Breast of DuckWaltz G |G4 B2|d4 B2| #2627
Carolan's AirWaltz Am |A2 c3/2d/ e2|A2 c3/2d/ e2| #3602
Carolan's WelcomeWaltz Am |A2 c3/2d/ e2|A2 c3/2d/ e2| #3602
Chain CotillionCotillion G |G2 d2|B A/B/ G A/B/| #3601
Dark IslandWaltz G |A3 E A2|G3 A G2| #4601
Dr. Mackay/MacAuley's Farewell to CreagorryWaltz G |A3 E A2|G3 A G2| #4601
Eilean Dorcha; Away to the WestwardWaltz G |A3 E A2|G3 A G2| #4601
GalopedeReel G |B2 Bc A2 AB|G2 G2 G2 AB| #7002
Gentle MaidenWaltz G |G3A G2|F2 E2 D2| #7004
Geoff Thorp, with Fond Memories from the ChiltinasWaltz G |G4 B2|d4 B2| #2627
Kemp's JigMarch G |B2>c2 B2A2|G2>A2 G2F2| #15501
Lambs Fold Vale, TheAir G |G2GA B2G2|c2AB c2A2| #16601
Let Now the HarpAir G |G2GA B2G2|c2AB c2A2| #16601
Little Red LarkWaltz G |G2A|GEF| #18035
Lord Frog and Lady MouseAir Am |A2B c2 d|e>de g3| #14601
Meadow in MayAir G |B3 d|B A G F| #13055
Michael Turner's WaltzWaltz G |B2 B2 cA|d2 d2 gf| #13013
Mo Ghile MearAir G |D3 D D2 DE|G2 A2 B4| #12603
Mrs Jamieson's FavoriteJig, Air G |D3/2G/A B2 D|E2 D E G2| #13501
My Gallant DarlingAir G |D3 D D2 DE|G2 A2 B4| #12603
NewcastleMarch G |B2d2 G2A2|G3A G2D2| #14602
Northern Lass, TheAir Am |A2B c2 d|e>de g3| #14601
Pant Corlan Yr WynAir G |G2GA B2G2|c2AB c2A2| #16601
Red Lark, TheWaltz G |G2A|GEF| #18035
She's Sweetest When She's NakedMinuet C |A2 e2 e2|ed cd e2| #19001
Sun AssemblyMarch G |g2 ed|cB AG| #19026
Yarmouth Reel; Persian DanceReel G |B2 Bc A2 AB|G2 G2 G2 AB| #7002

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