Comberton Rogation Walks

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Rogation Traditions

There has been a long tradition of parishes holding communal walks on Rogation Sunday. This was usually to 'Beat the bounds' of the parish to instil in the parishioners a knowledge of the parish extents, and to ask for blessings on the land and people. 'Rogation' comes from the Latin 'rogare', 'to ask'.

Unfortunately, Comberton these days is chronically short of public rights of way compared with neighbouring villages, and has lost almost all of its paths that once followed the parish boundaries. This became very noticeable during Covid lockdowns when the few paths that still exist were heavily used. I have created a web page of 'Path Ideas' to prompt discussion of how our path network could be improved.

Comberton Rogation Walks

So, beating the bounds by walking along the parish boundaries is not currently possible. However, prompted by the Friends of St Mary's (FoSM), Brian McCabe and I have drafted two 'Rogation Walks' starting from the church, with accompanying walk route leaflets and maps. The plan by FoSM is for these to be walked on Rogation Sunday (22 May 2022), as the start of a revived tradition, which in future years could cover more of the parish.

In the table below, click on an item to open it. The booklet is the most useful - print it out on A4 double-sided (NOTE: flip on short edge), and fold in half to make a convenient size. The A5 walk description and the A4 map are alternatives which could be useful to people trying to follow the walk using their phone or tablet. The Word .docx master files are also supplied 'just in case'.

Longer Walk (3.6 Miles)
Shorter Walk (2.4 miles)
Booklet Longer Walk Booklet Shorter Walk Booklet
Description Longer Walk A5 Description Shorter Walk A5 Description
Map Long Walk Map A4 Short Walk Map A4
Word master Longer Walk A5 master Shorter Walk A5 master


Note: The authors live in the village, walked these routes in March/April 2022 and provide these descriptions and maps as a best-efforts contribution to the community in our free time. We cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies. Please notify any such to When following the walks, you are entirely responsible for your own safety and that of any accompanying children and/or pets. Always exercise common sense, judgement and caution.

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