Paul Hardy's #15 Lachenal New Model - 57494

Pictures of Lachenal 57494

side rhs on case

Description of Lachenal 57494

It is hexagonal with 48 nickel silver keys - 24 on each side. The ends are ebonised (probably pearwood) with smallish fretwork. The circular centre section around the keys is raised, which identifies it as Lachenal's 'New Model'. The bellows are 5-fold black.

It is an English concertina, which means that it produces the same note when a key is pressed, regardless of whether the bellows are going in or out. The other main type of concertina is the Anglo, which gives different notes according to bellows direction, like a mouth organ does.

The nickel keys have red felt bushings. On one end, in an oval medallion in the fretwork can be read "Lachenal & Co, Patent Concertina Manufacturer, London". The diamond-shaped medallion on the other side has the serial number of 57494 which dates it to about 1919.

My time with this concertina

The instrument was bought in August 2019 from Dick Trickey, via a contact in It is one of the more expensive instruments I've bought, at £1,500. However, looking at old Lachenal catalogues, this model sold for 16 guineas as against two guineas for a basic model, so fairly top of range for its time.

Dick said: "It was bought about seven years ago from David Robertson after tuning and a full overhaul and and has been little used since then. The tone is mellow, well suited to singing and though the action is fast enough for quick tunes it might not hold its own in a loud session. It is in very tidy condition with steel reeds, 5 fold bellows, concert pitch and original leather case."

Condition on arrival looked to be in very good condition for 100 years Ė obviously not been played as intensively as some others - it looks almost as-new! Despite Dick's comment, it is not a quiet instrument - I think it would pass muster in our local sessions.

The A3 on the left hand side was silent on the push, but Iíve taken the end off, blown and twanged the reed and valve, and itís OK now, so presumably a speck of dust or fluff in the reed gap.

More Pictures of Lachenal 57494

Opened Inside Reeds and Pads
Opened Inside Reeds and Pads

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