French-style German Melodeon (JJ)

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Description of Melodeon

Firstly, this is not a concertina, but is a melodeon (one row diatonic accordion), but is in the same family of musical instruments (free-reed aerophones). In France, where it was found, it would be known as "accordéon diatonique à une rangée", or mélodéon.

It is rectangular and largely black, with a single tow of keys.

There is no makers name, but the words Fabrik Marke and a logo of crossed keys. It was almost certainly made in Germany, probably early in the 20th century. That crossed key mark seems to have been used by the company of Eduard Dienst in Leipzig, which traded between 1871 and 1933. Let's work on it being from about 1920, so a hundred years old.

It is a diatonic accordion, which means that it produces a different note when a key is pressed, depending on whether the bellows are going in or out, like a mouth organ/harmonica does.

It is in poor condition, having been in an outhouse/barn for decades, but was always a cheap and cheerful model. Current value is probably a few tens of pounds.

My time with this concertina

This instrument was passed to me in France by Margaret's cousin JJ, who had found it in the outbuildings of a dilapidated farmhouse that they had bought.

It does now 'work' but very leaky and squeaky. I'm now wondering whether it is worth spending any more effort on, but as we are in and out of coronavirus lockdown, I may have more time than usual! I realise it will never be robust, but I'd quite like to get it back to occasional playability. Or it may go back to the cousin as a decorative artifact.

Do you know anything more about this instrument ?

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