Wheatstone concertina

Paul Hardy - Concertina Recordings

This page has music recordings featuring my playing. Most of the tunes are in Paul Hardy's Session Tunebook (or the Annex).

Virtual Greenshoots

See my page on Virtual Greenshoots for a large number of recordings of me playing tunes slowly then faster in the Greenshoots slow session style, that were recorded during the coronavirus lockdown while the live Greenshoots sessions were suspended.

Concert Solos

These are of my few 'public' performances.

2016 Solos

These were recorded in November 2016 on a Sony ICD-SX733 solid state recorder!

2011 Solos

These are better quality recordings, mainly made February 2011 on a Zoom H2 - in my bathroom as best acoustics in house!

Concertina.net Tune of the Month

These are home recordings for the Concertina.net Tune of the Month or Theme of the Month.

Other Solos

These are home recordings direct to computer using a Logitech mono microphone, or to iPod using Griffin iTalk microphone (with artefacts due to automatic volume control).

Multi-part settings

These are home recordings using a Logitech mono microphone, or a Sony digital recorder, and combined using Audacity.

Solos with background

These were casual recordings in a Ceol Galore practice session in Toft People's Hall.

MIDI Concertina

These were done using my MIDI concertina - conversion of Lachenal 30566.


See also my recordings of the Chiltinas concertina self-help group on my Chiltinas page.


There are three short videos of me playing, in my page on the Highs and Lows of concertina playing.

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