Laser-Scan was a British technology company based in Cambridge, England, founded in 1969, which produced world-leading graphics hardware and then advanced software for computer graphics, digital mapping, charting, and geographic information handling.

Laser-Scan was started to produce the Sweepnik scanner, followed by the HRD-1 large-screen display/plotter. The range expanded to include the FASTRAK and LASERTRAK digitisers, The LASERPLOT (A3 film plotter) and the MLP-1 microfilm plotter (plus various stepping stones on the way).

Read the LSL History for a summary of hardware products, and then see below for more detail on significant product families.

LSL Logo 2

Scanner for nuclear physics - Sweepnik

See Sweepnik for a description of the Sweepnik track-following scanner.

Display/plotter device - HRD-1/Laserplot/MLP-1

Laser-Scan built a series of computer graphics output devices, sharing a common laser deflection system. See my Display/Plotter page for a description of the graphic display and plotting products of the company.

Digitising Hardware - FASTRAK/Lasertrak/VTRAK

The display/plotter technology was extended to include line-following digitising capability. See my Digitiser page for a description of the map capture products of the company.

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