Countries I've Visited

World Map 2007

Here are links to a map of the world showing countries I've visited (as of October 2007).

World Visited Map

This is the result of a lunchtime project to learn how to drive the ESRI Maplex label placement functionality. It is based on an original map which I created during testing of ESRI ArcGIS 9.2 during its development cycle.

It uses the excellent free 'Natural Earth' dataset from Tom Patterson - see, together with the free countries, cities, lakes and rivers dataset that comes with ArcGIS. The projection is Goode Interrupted Homolosine. I used the Maplex label placement extension which these days comes free with ArcInfo to generate and place all the labels, and the result was quite plausible, even though I wasn't trying to create a production cartographic product!

World Map 2011

Here is an updated map of the world showing countries I've visited, as of January 2011.

World Visited Map

The projection is Robinson.

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