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Cambridge, CB23 7DT, UK

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I am an efficient, reliable and well-organised person with good interpersonal skills, the ability to plan and coordinate, and a good sense of humour.

I have experience of coordinating a national organisation, organising conferences and training courses, teaching, and working in schools and forests.† This has enabled me to develop the following qualities:

         Organisational skills

         Good interpersonal skills


         Communicating effectively at all levels

         Capacity to work on my own initiative

         Ability to work as part of a team

         Management, planning and administration skills

         Ability to express ideas and information clearly




2008 to date†††† Retired but active

         Supply teacher in local Primary schools

         Volunteer (maintaining historic maze, etc)

2006 to 2007†† Teacher (full time) at Burgoyne Middle School, Potton

         Subject coordinator for Geography, History to National Curriculum.

2004 to 2006†† Living in California due to husbandís job.

         Education Coordinator for the Childrenís Forest (San Bernardino National Forest Association), a collaborative project with the US Forest Service. I did this on a voluntary basis, as my visa did not allow me to do paid work.

         Freelance writer of education materials for UK curriculum

2002 to 2003†† Professional Development Officer, Independent Schools Association

1996 - 2002†††† National Co-ordinator for Forest Education Initiative

         Co-ordination of local networking groups throughout England, Scotland and Wales

         Administration of funding to local groups

         Liaising with other environmental and educational organisations and with industry

         Organisation of national conferences

         Secretariat to the Executive Board

         Representing my organisation at home and abroad

         Creation of educational materials in print and on line

         Presentations to a wide range of organisations and individuals

1995 to 1996†† Cataloguing Department, University Library, Cambridge

         Experience of computer databases

         Use of my foreign language skills to locate resources

1995 to 2002†† Private Tutor (part-time)

         Contact with students of different ages and abilities

         Knowledge of current syllabi

1990-1995†††††† Teacher (part time), Burgoyne Middle School, Potton

         Taught Mathematics, Science, English, Geography, French and History to National Curriculum.

         Provided Special Needs support to all year groups

1994-1996†††††† Marker for Key stage 2 Standard Attainment Tests (Mathematics).

1990-1995†††††† Teaching English as a Foreign Language (part time) - individual tuition

1974-1990†††††† Teacher, Roysia Middle School, Royston

1969-1974†††††† Class Teacher in Primary Schools



2002††††††††††††††† Word processing (Microsoft Word). IBT II certification

††††††††††††††††††††††† GCSE Spanish

1999††† †††††††††† Master of Education, University of Sheffield

         Data collection and analysis

         Use of educational research methods

1990††††††††††††††† Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

1989††††††††††††††† Library and Information Skills Certificate, City and Guilds

1977††††††††††††††† Advanced Diploma in Educational Studies, Cambridge Institute of Education

1969††††††††††††††† Post Graduate Teaching Certificate, University of Manchester

1968††††††††††††††† B.A. Honours, History (Upper Second), University of Leeds

1965††††††††††††††† 3 'A' levels at grades A and B

1963                                8 'O' levels

Other skills:††††

         Current Driving Licence.

         First Aid and CPR

         Working knowledge of French, conversational Spanish, and some Italian and German.



†My interests include walking, meeting interesting people, travel and learning foreign languages, reading, crosswords, sport (particularly badminton), and gardening (particularly the destructive elements such as weeding and grass cutting!). I particularly dislike not being busy, computers that donít work and technology that is not user-friendly. I am happily married with an adult foster son and am in excellent health.