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I have long been a computer software professional, with particular experience covering digital mapping, GIS, cartography, charting, geospatial data and data models, location services, automated generalisation, data re-engineering techniques, and software product engineering, I bridge the gap between the technologists and the users, having worked both in software development and in business development.

Hardy Systems I am retired, but might be available for work as a consultant. See the Hardy Systems page for details.


From June 2016 I am retired, other than very occasional consultancy.

From July 2008, I worked as Business Development Consultant and Solutions Engineer for Esri Europe, the European wing of Esri Inc, the world's major provider of software for mapping and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). My particular focus is national mapping, cartographic and cadastral agencies. Since June 2010, my employment transferred to Esri Global, but I continued working for Esri Europe as before.

At the end of 2006, I returned to England from the USA, and was employed by ESRI UK, the UK distributor for Esri Inc. However, 50% of my time was funded and tasked by Esri Inc (the parent US company) to continue to contribute to core software products.

From the end of December 2003 until the end of December 2006 I was in Redlands, California, working for Esri Inc., as their first Product Manager for Cartography. For much of the time, I also acted as Software Project Manager for a key software development project to engineer capabilities for 'cartographic representations' into the core of ArcGIS, for the ArcGIS 9.2 release. See a ArcNews article on this.

Between August and December 2003, I worked as a strategic consultant for ESRI UK, the UK agents for Esri Inc.

Until June 2003 (when the company was put into administration as insolvent),I worked for 28 years at Laser-Scan Ltd, a company on the Cambridge Science Park which produced world-leading software for mapping, charting, and geographic information handling. I started there in 1975 as a Junior Programmer, and eventually held jobs as Chief Programmer, then Product Manager, and then Principal Consultant. For more information on Laser-Scan, including a company history, see my Laser-Scan page. When I passed 25 years with Laser-Scan, I was given a presentation during a company gathering. Here is a photo of me in the crowd, and another receiving the presentation. In the early days at Laser-Scan, we had many VIP visitors. Here is me with Prince Philip, and others (Peter Woodsford and Martin Fulford) with Margaret Thatcher

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I have published around 50 papers for conferences, workshops and journals (individual and joint authored) - see my papers index for downloads.


For information about my parents, sibling and extended family see my family page.

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Concertina For a description of my Lachenal, Wheatstone, and Case concertinas see my concertina page.

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