Paul and Margaret Hardy

Until 20 December 2003:

15 Kentings, Comberton,



Tel 01223 263232



From 28 December 2003:

1400 Barton Rd - Apt 2416,


92373, CA., USA

Tel +1 (909) 856 8300




December 2003

Tumultuous 2003

Life-changing Events


Despite the traumas of redundancy and relocation there have been many good times during the year:


You may have noticed a ‘missing week’ between the date we plan to leave Comberton and the date we expect to arrive in the States. We’ve decided to spend our last week in Europe on a walking holiday in Spain! (Friends have commented that only we could contemplate such a mad idea!) If you wish to send us a letter or card, please post early as our mail will be redirected to the US after 19th December.


Do come and visit us in Redlands and sample some of the delights of Southern California.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,