Index to Paul Hardy Tunebooks and Recordings as of 22 January 2021

Tune nameBasic?RhythmMP3 Name
Abbess, TheAir Abbess.mp3
Abbots Bromley Horn DanceJig Abbots Bromley Horn Dance.mp3
Aiken DrumReel Aiken Drum.mp3
Albert Farmer's Bonfire TunePolka Albert Farmers Bonfire Tune.mp3
Alexander's HornpipeHornpipe Alexanders Hornpipe.mp3
Alexandra ParkReel Alexandra Park.mp3
All in a Garden GreenMarch All in a Garden Green.mp3
Alston Clog HornpipeHornpipe Alston Clog Hornpipe.mp3
Amazing GraceWaltz Amazing Grace.mp3
American PatrolMarch American Patrol.mp3
Angeline the BakerPolka Angeline the Baker.mp3
Anne Fraser MacKenzieJig Anne Fraser MacKenzie.mp3
Ap ShenkinMarch Ap Shenkin.mp3
Apley HouseMarch Apley House.mp3
Ar EirinnWaltz Ar Eirinn.mp3
Archibald MacDonald of KeppochAir Archibald MacDonald of Keppoch.mp3
Archie's FancyWaltz Archies Fancy.mp3
Arran BoatWaltz Arran Boat.mp3
Ash Grove, TheBWaltz Ash Grove.mp3
Ashokan FarewellAir Ashokan Farewell.mp3
Astley's HornpipeHornpipe Astleys Hornpipe.mp3
Astley's RideReel Astleys Ride.mp3
Atholl Highlanders, TheMarch Atholl Highlanders.mp3
Aunt Hessy's White HorseReel Aunt Hessys White Horse.mp3
Away to the MaypoleMarch Away to the Maypole.mp3
BagpipersMarch Bagpipers.mp3
Ballydesmond Polka 1Polka Ballydesmond Polka 1.mp3
Ballydesmond Polka 2Polka Ballydesmond Polka 2.mp3
Bang UppJig Bang Upp.mp3
Banish MisfortuneJig Banish Misfortune.mp3
Banks and Braes O Bonnie Doon, YeWaltz Banks and Braes O Bonnie Doon.mp3
Barbara AllenAir Barbara Allen.mp3
Barber's Pole, TheHornpipe Barbers Pole.mp3
Battle of the SommeSlipjig Battle of the Somme.mp3
Bean SettingJig Bean Setting.mp3
Bear DanceBPolka Bear Dance.mp3
Beatrice Hill's Three-Handed ReelReel Beatrice Hills Three-Handed Reel.mp3
Because He Was a Bonny LadPolka Because He Was a Bonny Lad.mp3
Belle Catherine, LaReel Belle Catherine.mp3
Bewick's HornpipeHornpipe Bewicks Hornpipe.mp3
Bielbie's HornpipeHornpipe Bielbies Hornpipe.mp3
Big ShipSlide Big Ship.mp3
Black JackJig Black Jack.mp3
Black Nag, TheJig Black Nag.mp3
Black Rogue, TheJig Black Rogue.mp3
Black Velvet Band, TheWaltz Black Velvet Band.mp3
Blackberry BlossomHornpipe Blackberry Blossom.mp3
Blackthorn Stick, TheBJig Blackthorn Stick.mp3
Blarney PilgrimJig Blarney Pilgrim.mp3
Blaydon RacesBJig Blaydon Races.mp3
Blenheim HouseReel Blenheim House.mp3
Blind MaryAir Blind Mary.mp3
Bloomsbury MarketMarch Bloomsbury Market.mp3
BlowzabellaJig Blowzabella.mp3
Blue Eyed Rascal, TheHornpipe Blue Eyed Rascal.mp3
Blue Eyed StrangerBReel Blue Eyed Stranger.mp3
Bluebell PolkaPolka Bluebell Polka.mp3
Bobby ShaftoeReel Bobby Shaftoe.mp3
Boda WaltzWaltz Boda Waltz.mp3
Bodmin Riding MarchMarch Bodmin Riding March.mp3
Bonaparte Crossing The AlpsHornpipe Bonaparte Crossing The Alps.mp3
Bonnie KateMarch Bonnie Kate.mp3
Bonny At MornWaltz Bonny At Morn.mp3
Bonny Breast KnotReel Bonny Breast Knot.mp3
Bonny Green GartersJig Bonny Green Garters.mp3
BoolavogueWaltz Boolavogue.mp3
Bourrées Carrées de La ChâtreBourrée Bourrees Carrees de La Chatre.mp3
Boyne Hunt, TheReel Boyne Hunt.mp3
Boys of BluehillHornpipe Boys of Bluehill.mp3
Brafferton VillageWaltz Brafferton Village.mp3
Breeches Full of StitchesPolka Breeches Full of Stitches.mp3
Brestle HornpipeSmoothHP Brestle Hornpipe.mp3
Brian Boru's MarchMarch Brian Borus March.mp3
Brighton CampMarch Brighton Camp.mp3
Britannia Two StepJig Britannia Two Step.mp3
British GrenadiersBMarch British Grenadiers.mp3
Bryony Lemon's JigJig Bryony Lemons Jig.mp3
Bucks of Oranmore, TheReel Bucks of Oranmore.mp3
Burning of the Piper's Hut, TheMarch Burning of the Pipers Hut.mp3
Butchers HornpipeSmoothHP Butchers Hornpipe.mp3
Buttered PeasBPolka Buttered Peas.mp3
Butterfly, TheSlipjig Butterfly.mp3
Ca the Yowes to the KnowesAir Ca the Yowes to the Knowes.mp3
Caitlin TriallWaltz Caitlin Triall.mp3
Campbell's Farewell to RedcastleReel Campbells Farewell to Redcastle.mp3
Campbells are Coming, TheJig Campbells are Coming.mp3
Captain Lanoe's Quick MarchJig Captain Lanoes Quick March.mp3
Captain MaguirePolka Captain Maguire.mp3
Captain O'KaneJig Captain OKane.mp3
Capuchin, TheJig Capuchin.mp3
Carolan's ConcertoMarch Carolans Concerto.mp3
Carolan's DraughtMarch Carolans Draught.mp3
Carolan's Fourth UntitledJig Carolans Fourth Untitled.mp3
Carolan's WelcomeAir Carolans Welcome.mp3
Castles in the AirHornpipe Castles in the Air.mp3
Cheshire RoundsWaltz Cheshire Rounds.mp3
Cheshire Waltz, TheWaltz Cheshire Waltz.mp3
ChestnutMarch Chestnut.mp3
ChildgroveMarch Childgrove.mp3
Chinese BreakdownMarch Chinese Breakdown.mp3
Christ Church CathedralSlow Mar Christ Church Cathedral.mp3
Cliffs of Moher, TheJig Cliffs of Moher.mp3
Cobbler's HornpipeTriple H Cobblers Hornpipe.mp3
Cock O' The NorthBJig Cock O The North.mp3
Coilsfield HouseMarch Coilsfield House.mp3
Coleford Jig, TheHornpipe Coleford Jig.mp3
Coleraine, TheJig Coleraine.mp3
Colored AristocracyReel Colored Aristocracy.mp3
Come Ashore Jolly Tar with your Trousers OnReel Come Ashore Jolly Tar with your Trousers On.mp3
Coming Through the RyeJig Coming Through the Rye.mp3
Concertina Reel, TheReel Concertina Reel.mp3
Congress Reel, TheReel Congress Reel.mp3
Connaught Man's Rambles, TheJig Connaught Mans Rambles.mp3
Constant BillyBJig Constant Billy.mp3
Cooley's ReelReel Cooleys Reel.mp3
Corn Riggs are BonnyPolka Corn Riggs are Bonny.mp3
Cotillion, TheRigaudon Cotillion.mp3
Cream Pot, TheJig Cream Pot.mp3
Cross-Hand PolkaPolka Cross-Hand Polka.mp3
Cuckold Come Out of the AmreyMarch Cuckold Come Out of the Amrey.mp3
Cuckoo's NestMarch Cuckoos Nest.mp3
Cumberland Square EightReel Cumberland Square Eight.mp3
Curly-headed Ploughboy, TheBReel Curly-headed Ploughboy.mp3
Cushie ButterfieldWaltz Cushie Butterfield.mp3
Dance To Your DaddyWaltz Dance To Your Daddy.mp3
Danny BoyAir Danny Boy.mp3
DargasonJig Dargason.mp3
Dark Girl Dressed in BluePolka Dark Girl Dressed in Blue.mp3
Dark Island, TheAir Dark Island.mp3
Dashing White Sergeant, TheReel Dashing White Sergeant.mp3
Davy Davy Knick KnackBPolka Davy Davy Knick Knack.mp3
DeliaMarch Delia.mp3
Denis Murphy's PolkaBPolka Denis Murphys Polka.mp3
Denis Murphy's SlideSlide Denis Murphys Slide.mp3
Dennington BellMarch Dennington Bell.mp3
Dever the DancerSlipjig Dever the Dancer.mp3
Devil Among the Tailors, TheReel Devil Among the Tailors.mp3
Dingle RegattaBJig Dingle Regatta.mp3
Doncaster RacesJig Doncaster Races.mp3
Donkey RidingHornpipe Donkey Riding.mp3
Donnybrook FairJig Donnybrook Fair.mp3
Doon the BraeMarch Doon the Brae.mp3
Dorset Four Hand ReelBReel Dorset Four Hand Reel.mp3
Double Lead ThroughMarch Double Lead Through.mp3
Down with the FrenchJig Down with the French.mp3
Dr Faustus' TumblersPolka Dr Faustus Tumblers.mp3
Dribbles of BrandyJig Dribbles of Brandy.mp3
Drops of BrandySlipjig Drops of Brandy.mp3
Drowsy MaggieReel Drowsy Maggie.mp3
Drummond CastleJig Drummond Castle.mp3
Drunken SailorMarch Drunken Sailor.mp3
DunkirkHornpipe Dunkirk.mp3
Durham RangersHornpipe Durham Rangers.mp3
Earl GreyReel Earl Grey.mp3
Earl's Chair, TheReel Earls Chair.mp3
East Neuk of FifeReel East Neuk of Fife.mp3
Eddystone Light, TheReel Eddystone Light.mp3
Egan's PolkaBPolka Egans Polka.mp3
Eighth of JanuaryReel Eighth of January.mp3
Eleanor PlunkettAir Eleanor Plunkett.mp3
Elsey's WaltzWaltz Elseys Waltz.mp3
Elsie MarleyJig Elsie Marley.mp3
Endearing Young CharmsWaltz Endearing Young Charms.mp3
EnricoMarch Enrico.mp3
Eric's WaltzBWaltz Erics Waltz.mp3
Eriskay Love LiltWaltz .
Excuse MeJig Excuse Me.mp3
Expectation WaltzWaltz Expectation Waltz.mp3
Fairy Dance, TheBReel Fairy Dance.mp3
Fakenham FairJig .
Farewell to the DeneHornpipe Farewell to the Dene.mp3
Farewell to WhiskyAir Farewell to Whisky.mp3
Father Kelly's ReelReel Father Kellys Reel.mp3
Fête du Village, LaBourrée Fete du Village.mp3
Fiery Clock FaceJig .
Filles de Mon Pays, LesMarch Filles de Mon Pays.mp3
Fisher's HornpipeHornpipe Fishers Hornpipe.mp3
Flight, TheJig Flight.mp3
Flop-Eared MuleReel .
Floral DanceMarch Floral Dance.mp3
Flower of the Quern, TheAir Flower of the Quern.mp3
Flowers of Edinburgh, TheReel Flowers of Edinburgh.mp3
Flowers Of The Forest, TheAir .
Foul Weather CallHornpipe Foul Weather Call.mp3
Four Pound ChequePolka .
Four UpMarch .
Fourpence Halfpenny FarthingJig Fourpence Halfpenny Farthing.mp3
Foxhunter's Jig, TheSlipjig Foxhunters Jig.mp3
Fred Pidgeon's 1, 2, and 3Polka .
French-Canadian WaltzWaltz .
Friendly Visit, TheHornpipe .
From Night Till MornReel From Night Till Morn.mp3
Full Rigged Ship, TheJig .
GairsayMarch Gairsay.mp3
GalopedeBReel .
Galway HornpipeHornpipe .
GarryowenJig .
Gentle MaidenWaltz .
George BrabazonBMarch George Brabazon.mp3
George Green's College HornpipeHornpipe George Greens College Hornpipe.mp3
George Tremain's QuickstepJig George Tremains Quickstep.mp3
Gilsland HornpipeHornpipe Gilsland Hornpipe.mp3
Girl With the Blue Dress OnReel .
Glen AlnHornpipe .
Glen Cottage, ThePolka .
GlorishearsJig .
Gloucester HornpipeHornpipe .
Go 'List for a SailorReel Go List for a Sailor.mp3
Goathland Square EightReel .
GoddessesReel Goddesses.mp3
Golden SlippersReel .
Goodby Dolly GrayMarch .
Grand Hornpipe, TheHornpipe .
Grandfather's ClockMarch Grandfathers Clock.mp3
Grandfather's TuneReel .
Great North Run, TheReel Great North Run.mp3
Green Ship, TheReel .
GreensleevesAir .
Grogan's FavouriteReel Grogans Favourite.mp3
Gypsey's HornpipeHornpipe .
Gypsy HornpipeHornpipe .
Gypsy Princess, TheReel .
Halsway SchottischeSchottis .
Harlequin AirMarch .
Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls, TheMarch .
Harper's FrolicPolka .
Harvest HomeBHornpipe Harvest Home.mp3
Haste to the WeddingJig .
Hava NagilaKlezmer .
Hector the HeroWaltz Hector the Hero.mp3
Heel and Toe PolkaPolka .
Hesleyside ReelReel .
High GermanyMarch .
High ReelReel High Reel.mp3
Highland MaryReel .
Hobart's TransformationReel Hobarts Transformation.mp3
Hole in the WallMinuet .
Home RulerHornpipe .
Horse's BrawlBReel .
Hullichan JigJig .
Humours of GlendartJig .
Hunsdon HouseJig Hunsdon House.mp3
Hunt the SquirrelBJig Hunt the Squirrel.mp3
Hunting the HareSlipjig .
Huntsman's ChorusReel .
I'll Tell Me MaPolka .
Idbury HillPolka .
If You Will Not Have Me, You May Let Me GoTriple H .
InisheerWaltz .
Irish Washerwoman, TheBJig .
Iron Legs HornpipeHornpipe .
Iron Legs WaltzWaltz .
It's a Long Way to TipperaryMarch Its a Long Way to Tipperary.mp3
Jack RobinsonPolka .
Jack the Horse CourserMarch Jack the Horse Courser.mp3
Jack's MaggotMarch Jacks Maggot.mp3
JamaicaBReel Jamaica.mp3
Jenny LindPolka Jenny Lind.mp3
Jessie's HornpipeHornpipe .
Jimmy AllenBReel .
Jockey to the FairJig .
John of ParisJig John of Paris.mp3
John PeelHornpipe .
JulianaJig .
Jump at the SunJig Jump at the Sun.mp3
Just as the Tide Was FlowingReel .
Kate DalrympleReel .
KatyushaMarch Katyusha.mp3
Keel Row, TheBReel Keel Row.mp3
Keep the Home Fires BurningMarch .
Keep Your Feet StillReel Keep Your Feet Still.mp3
Keeper Would a Hunting Go, TheMarch Keeper Would a Hunting Go.mp3
Kelso Accordion And Fiddle ClubMarch .
Kemp's JigMarch .
Kempshott HuntReel .
Kerfunten, TheJig Kerfunten.mp3
Kershaw's HornpipeHornpipe Kershaws Hornpipe.mp3
Kesh, TheBJig .
Kid on the Mountain, TheSlipjig .
Killarney Boys of PleasureReel .
King of the Cannibal IslandsJig King of the Cannibal Islands.mp3
King of the Fairies, TheHornpipe King of the Fairies.mp3
Kirkgate HornpipeHornpipe .
Kiss My Lady, OldMarch Kiss My Lady Old.mp3
Ladies PleasureJig .
Lads of LaoisReel .
Lads-a-BunchumHornpipe .
Lady in the Boat, TheJig Lady in the Boat.mp3
Lambs Fold Vale, ThePolka Lambs Fold Vale.mp3
Lamplighters HornpipeHornpipe .
Landlord Fill the Flowing BowlMarch .
Lannigan's BallJig .
Lark in the Morning, TheJig Lark in the Morning.mp3
Laura and LensaPolka .
Leaving of Liverpool, TheAir .
Legacy, TheJig .
Lemmie Brazil's 1 and 2Hornpipe Lemmie Brazils 1 and 2.mp3
LibertyMarch Liberty.mp3
Liberty BellJig Liberty Bell.mp3
LillibuleroJig Lillibulero.mp3
Lilting Banshee, TheJig .
Lily MarleneAir Lily Marlene.mp3
Lincolnshire PoacherJig .
Linhope LoupHornpipe Linhope Loup.mp3
Linnen HallJig Linnen Hall.mp3
Liverpool HornpipeHornpipe Liverpool Hornpipe.mp3
Liza JaneReel .
Log CabinMarch .
Lollipop ManReel .
London HornpipeHornpipe London Hornpipe.mp3
Long OddsReel .
Long Room of Scarborough, TheSlipjig .
Longford Collector, TheReel .
Lord InchiquinWaltz .
Lord of the DanceReel .
Lord Zouche's MaskeMarch Lord Zouches Maske.mp3
Love, Lie Beside MeMarch .
Love, Will You Marry Me?Fling .
Lumps of Plum PuddingJig .
Lunch in the PubMarch .
Madame BonaparteHornpipe Madame Bonaparte.mp3
Maggie in the WoodsPolka .
Maid Behind the Bar, TheReel .
Mairi's WeddingBReel .
Major Mackie's JigJig Major Mackies Jig.mp3
Man in the Moon, TheWaltz .
Man of the HouseReel .
Manchester HornpipeHornpipe Manchester Hornpipe.mp3
March of the ConcertinasMarch March of the Concertinas.mp3
March of the Kings of LaoisMarch March of the Kings of Laois.mp3
March of the Men of Devon, TheMarch March of the Men of Devon.mp3
March PastMarch .
Margaret's WaltzWaltz .
Marmalade PolkaPolka Marmalade Polka.mp3
Marquis of LorneHornpipe .
Mason's Apron, TheReel .
Matelot, TheJig .
McLeod's ReelReel .
Meadow in MayAir .
MeillionenBarndanc .
Men of HarlechMarch Men of Harlech.mp3
Merrily Danced the Quaker's WifeSlide .
Merry Blacksmith, TheReel .
Merry Month of May, TheJig .
Michael Turner's WaltzBWaltz .
Midnight on the WaterWaltz .
Minstrel Boy, TheAir .
Miss McLeod's ReelReel Miss McLeods Reel.mp3
Miss Menager's HornpipeHornpipe .
Miss ThompsonHornpipe .
Mist Covered MountainsAir Mist Covered Mountains.mp3
Moll In the WadJig .
Mona's DelightReel .
Monk's MarchBMarch Monks March.mp3
Monmouth AssemblyJig .
Morgan RattlerJig Morgan Rattler.mp3
Morning Star Reel, TheReel .
Morning Star, TheMarch .
Morpeth RantReel Morpeth Rant.mp3
Morpeth Rant - OldReel Morpeth Rant - Old.mp3
Morrison's JigJig .
Mother And ChildReel .
Mount HillsMarch Mount Hills.mp3
Mourisque, LaMarch .
Mr Beveridge's MaggotTriple H Mr Beveridges Maggot.mp3
Mrs Jamieson's FavouriteJig Mrs Jamiesons Favourite.mp3
Mrs SaggsMarch Mrs Saggs.mp3
Muckin' o' Geordie's ByreBJig Muckin o Geordies Byre.mp3
Mudgee WaltzWaltz Mudgee Waltz.mp3
Muffin Man, ThePolka .
Mug of Brown Ale, TheJig .
Musical Priest, TheReel .
My Darling Asleep.Jig .
My Lord Cutts DelightMarch My Lord Cutts Delight.mp3
My Old Man, Said Follow the VanMarch .
Nancy CloughReel Nancy Clough.mp3
Nancy Dawson's FancyReel .
Nantwich FairJig Nantwich Fair.mp3
Nathaniel Gow's Lament for the Death of His BrotherLament Nathaniel Gows Lament for the Death of His Brother.mp3
Navvie on the LineBHornpipe Navvie on the Line.mp3
Ned Of The HillAir Ned Of The Hill.mp3
New AnythingMarch .
New Rigged Ship, TheReel New Rigged Ship.mp3
New York GirlsPolka .
NewcastleBHornpipe .
Niel Gow's Lament for the Death of his Second WifeAir .
Ninety-three Not OutJig .
NonesuchMarch .
Northern Lass, TheAir .
Northern Lights of Old AberdeenWaltz Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen.mp3
Not For JoePolka .
Nutting GirlReel .
O'Keefe's slideSlide .
Oats and Beans and Barley GrowJig .
Off She GoesJig .
Off to CaliforniaBHornpipe Off to California.mp3
Oh Joe, the Boat is Going OverPolka Oh Joe the Boat is Going Over.mp3
Oh SusannaMarch Oh Susanna.mp3
Old Joe ClarkReel .
Old Joe's JigJig .
Old Lancashire HornpipeTriple H .
Old Mole, TheJig .
Old Molly OxfordMarch .
Old Tom of OxfordMorris D Old Tom of Oxford.mp3
One More Dance and ThenPolka .
One Time In My YouthQuintupl .
Orange and BlueJig .
Orange in BloomWaltz Orange in Bloom.mp3
Orataba WaltzWaltz Orataba Waltz.mp3
Orlando's ReturnMarch Orlandos Return.mp3
Oscar Woods JigJig Oscar Woods Jig.mp3
Out on the OceanJig Out on the Ocean.mp3
Over the Hills and Far AwayMarch Over the Hills and Far Away.mp3
Over the Water to CharlieJig .
Over the WaterfallReel .
Oyster Girl, TheBJig Oyster Girl.mp3
Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old KitbagMarch .
Paddy CareyJig Paddy Carey.mp3
Paddy Fahey's Reel 10Reel .
Parnell's MarchMarch Parnells March.mp3
Parsons farewellReel .
Pastime With Good CompanyMarch .
Patchwork PolkaPolka .
Peacock Followed the Hen, TheSlipjig Peacock Followed the Hen.mp3
Peacocks MarchMarch .
Peggy PerkinsReel .
Penny on the WaterHornpipe .
Percy Brown's PolkaPolka .
Perfect CureJig .
Pigeon on the Gate, TheReel .
Plaisir D'AmourWaltz .
Plane Tree, TheJig .
Planxty Fanny PowerBJig Planxty Fanny Power.mp3
Planxty IrwinBJig Planxty Irwin.mp3
Polly Put the Kettle OnReel Polly Put the Kettle On.mp3
Portobello HornpipeHornpipe .
PortsmouthBHornpipe .
Poules Huppées, LesBourrée Poules Huppees.mp3
Pretty Maggie MorriseyHornpipe Pretty Maggie Morrisey.mp3
Prince of Cabourg's HornpipeHornpipe .
Prince WilliamMarch .
Princess RoyalBMarch .
Princess Royal (Morris)March .
Proudlock's HornpipeHornpipe Proudlocks Hornpipe.mp3
Quaker, ThePolka Quaker.mp3
Quarter BrawleBranle .
Queen's Delight, TheJig .
Queen's Jig, TheJig .
Quickstep from LouthQuickste .
Radstock JigJig .
Raglan RoadWaltz .
Railway, TheJig Railway.mp3
Rakes of Kildare, TheJig .
Rakes Of Mallow, TheBPolka Rakes Of Mallow.mp3
Rakish PaddyReel .
Rambler's HornpipeHornpipe Ramblers Hornpipe.mp3
Random NotesJig Random Notes.mp3
Rattling BogPolka .
Recovery, ThePolka Recovery.mp3
Recruiting Officer, TheJig .
Red Lark, TheWaltz Red Lark.mp3
Red Lion HornpipeTriple H .
Red River ValleyMarch .
Red WingPolka .
Redesdale HornpipeHornpipe .
Redhaired Boy, TheReel Redhaired Boy.mp3
Redowa PolkaPolka .
Reel with the BirlReel .
Rights of Man, TheBHornpipe Rights of Man.mp3
Road to DundeeWaltz .
Road to Lisdoonvarna, TheJig Road to Lisdoonvarna.mp3
Road to the IslesMarch .
Roaring MaryReel .
Rochdale Coconut DanceReel .
Rocky Road to DublinSlipjig Rocky Road to Dublin.mp3
Roddy McCorleyMarch .
Rogue's March, TheJig .
Roman WallJig .
Rope Waltz, TheWaltz .
Rosalie, the Prairie FlowerBarndanc .
Rose Tree, TheBPolka .
Rosie Finn's FavouriteSlide .
Rosin the BowJig .
Roslin CastleAir Roslin Castle.mp3
Roulante, LaPolka .
Roxborough CastleReel Roxborough Castle.mp3
Rufty TuftyReel .
Rule BritanniaMarch .
Russe, LaPolka .
Russian MarchMarch .
Ryan's PolkaBPolka .
Sadler's BalloonJig Sadlers Balloon.mp3
Sailor's Hornpipe, TheHornpipe .
Saint Anne's ReelReel .
Sally Gardens ReelBReel .
Sally Gardens, Down by theReel .
Sally in the GardenHornpipe .
Sally Sloane's JigJig Sally Sloanes Jig.mp3
Salmon Tails up the WaterBReel Salmon Tails up the Water.mp3
Sandy BoysReel Sandy Boys.mp3
Sandy River BelleMarch .
Saucy Little Bird on Nelly's Hat, TheHornpipe .
Savage HornpipeHornpipe .
Scan Tester's 1 and 2Reel Scan Testers 1 and 2.mp3
Scarborough FairWaltz .
Scotland the BraveReel .
Scottish ReformJig .
Seneca Square DanceMarch Seneca Square Dance.mp3
Seven StarsBJig Seven Stars.mp3
Shandon BellsJig .
She'll be Coming Round the MountainReel .
She's Sweetest When She's NakedMinuet .
Sheffield HornpipeHornpipe Sheffield Hornpipe.mp3
ShenandoahAir .
Shepherd and ShepherdessMarch Shepherd and Shepherdess.mp3
Shepherd's HeyBReel .
Shepherd's Wife, TheWaltz .
Shoes and StockingsMarch .
Shove the Pig's Foot a Little Closer to the FireReel Shove the Pigs Foot a Little Closer to the Fire.mp3
Shrewsbury LassesMarch .
Shrewsbury WaltzWaltz Shrewsbury Waltz.mp3
Si Bheag Si MhorBWaltz .
Silver SpearReel .
Silverton PolkaPolka .
Sir Roger de CoverleySlipjig Sir Roger de Coverley.mp3
Sir Sidney SmithMarch .
Skye Boat Song, TheAir .
Slockit Light, DaAir Slockit Light.mp3
Sloe, TheReel .
Smash the WindowsJig .
Soldier's JoyBReel Soldiers Joy.mp3
South DownsJig .
South WindsBWaltz South Winds.mp3
Spancil HillJig Spancil Hill.mp3
Spanish LadyPolka .
Spanish Patriots, TheHornpipe .
Speed the PloughBReel .
Spirit of the DanceJig .
SpootiskerryReel Spootiskerry.mp3
Sportsman's Hornpipe, TheHornpipe .
Squirrel in the TreeJig .
Stack Of Barley, TheHornpipe .
Staines MorrisMarch Staines Morris.mp3
Star of Munster, TheReel Star of Munster.mp3
Star Of The County Down, TheMarch .
Starry Nights of ShetlandWaltz .
Staten IslandBReel Staten Island.mp3
Steamboat, TheHornpipe Steamboat.mp3
Step and Fetch HerMarch Step and Fetch Her.mp3
Stoney StepsSmoothHP .
Stool of Repentance, TheJig Stool of Repentance.mp3
Stop The CavalryPolka Stop The Cavalry.mp3
Streamers and ConfettiReijländ .
Streets of LaredoAir Streets of Laredo.mp3
Strike the BellReel Strike the Bell.mp3
Stybarrow CragMarch .
Sullivan's PolkaPolka .
Sun AssemblyMarch .
Suo GanAir .
Sustead SchottischeHornpipe .
Swallowtail JigJig Swallowtail Jig.mp3
Swansea TownPolka .
Sweep's HornpipeHornpipe Sweeps Hornpipe.mp3
Sweet Betsy from PikeWaltz .
Sweet Jenny JonesBWaltz Sweet Jenny Jones.mp3
Sweets Of May, TheJig Sweets Of May.mp3
Tabhair Domh Do LamhAir .
Tam LinReel Tam Lin.mp3
Tarbolton, TheReel .
Tars of the VictoryJig .
Teahan's FlingFling .
Teetotaller's ReelReel .
Tennessee Waltz, TheWaltz .
Tenpenny Bit, TheJig .
Theme Vannitaise (TV)Reel .
Three Around ThreeBReel Three Around Three.mp3
Three Jolly SheepskinsPolka .
Three Rusty SwordsTriple H .
Three Sea Captains, TheJig Three Sea Captains.mp3
Timothy MarchMarch .
Tink A TinkReel Tink A Tink.mp3
Tip Top PolkaPolka Tip Top Polka.mp3
Tobin's FavouriteJig Tobins Favourite.mp3
Tom Tolley'sHornpipe .
Tombigbee WaltzWaltz Tombigbee Waltz.mp3
Tommy Beadle's PolkaPolka .
Tommy Peoples' ReelReel .
Ton, ThePolka Ton.mp3
Top of Cork RoadJig Top of Cork Road.mp3
Toss the FeathersReel .
Trade Wind HornpipeHornpipe Trade Wind Hornpipe.mp3
Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!Hornpipe .
Trip to BrightonMarch .
Trip to Highgate, AJig .
Tripping Up the StairsJig .
Triumph, ThePolka .
Trumpet Hornpipe, TheBHornpipe Trumpet Hornpipe.mp3
Tunbridge BeautiesPolka .
Turkey in the StrawReel Turkey in the Straw.mp3
Twenty-Ninth of MayReel .
Uncle Bernard'sBPolka .
Unquiet Grave, TheWaltz .
Upton-Upon-Severn Stick DanceJig .
Valiant, TheJig .
Vandals of HammerwichPolka .
VarsovianaMazurka .
Violate Me, in the Violet TimeWaltz .
Wait for the WaggonMarch .
Walls Of Liscarrol, TheJig .
Walter Bulwer's Polka #1Polka .
Walter Bulwer's Polka #2Polka .
Waltz for the ValetaWaltz Waltz for the Valeta.mp3
Water is Wide, TheAir .
Watson's HornpipeHornpipe .
Wayfaring StrangerMarch .
Weavers MarchMarch Weavers March.mp3
Well HallTriple H .
Weshin Day, ThePolka .
Westering HomeBWaltz Westering Home.mp3
Westmoreland WaltzWaltz Westmoreland Waltz.mp3
Westphalia WaltzWaltz Westphalia Waltz.mp3
Wheatsheaf TavernJig .
When Daylight ShinesJig When Daylight Shines.mp3
When Johnny Comes Marching HomeJig .
Whiskey Before Breakfast.Reel .
Whitchurch HornpipeHornpipe .
White Cockade, TheMarch .
Wi' a Hundred PipersJig .
Wild Mountain ThymeReel .
Will Ye No Come BackAir .
Will You Patch My Pants For Me?Polka .
Will's WayPolka .
WillafjordMarch Willafjord.mp3
William Taylor's Tabletop HornpipeHornpipe .
Wiltshire Six Hand ReelReel .
Wind that Shakes the Barley, TheReel Wind that Shakes the Barley.mp3
Winster GallopBMarch Winster Gallop.mp3
Winster ProcessionalMarch .
Woodland FlowersHornpipe .
Worcestershire HornpipeHornpipe .
Wren, TheAn Dro Wren.mp3
Yarmouth BreakdownHornpipe .
Year of JubiloMarch .
Young CollinsReel Young Collins.mp3

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