Comberton Twinning - History

History of twinning of Comberton with the village of Le Vaudreuil, near Rouen in France.


The twinning idea started in 1998 when Malcolm and Nerys Wright, and Ivan and Brenda Brown went off to investgate possible partners. Le Vaudreuil had the advantages that it was like Comberton a village near to a university city (Rouen), and was (just) within a distance that could be driven on a Friday evening, and back on Sunday afternoon, to allow a trip within a weekend.

The first twinning ceremony took place in Comberton in September 1999 when the twinning Charter was signed by Bernard Leroy as Mayor of Le Vaudreuil and Robert James as Chairman of the Comberton Parish Council, together with Malcom Wright and Nicole Cissť-Bosquet for the two twinning committees.

The first return visit to Le Vaudreuil for their twinning ceremony took place during May, 2000. Since then there have been two visits a year in Spring and Autumn.

Malcom Wright was the first chairman of the Comberton twinning committee for seven years, followed by Peter Mitton for 10 years, followed by Paul Hardy.

Pictures of Twinning Ceremonies

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Signing in Le Vaudreuil Unveiling sign in Le Vaudreuil

Previous Exchanges

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