Comberton Twinning - Photos

Le Vaudreuil centre

Le Vaudreuil - Eure river and Chemin de Comberton

Le Vaudreuil church

Norman houses near Le Vaudreuil

Visits to local interesting places - Jumièges

In the Tunnel

Battle of the Somme museum at Albert on the way

The tall ships Armada at Rouen

Twinning supper at Le Vaudreuil pavilion

Home made French goodies

Group photo before return

Taking visitors round Cambridge

Picnic at Wimpole

Group photo in Comberton - 2015

Group photo in Comberton - 2016

Patisserie in nearby Louviers - 2019

Family lunch - 2019

Boat trip on Seine - 2019

Musical supper - 2019

Lunch at Golf - 2019

Group photo before departure - 2019

Sunset over France from return ferry - 2019

French song about Comberton at BBQ - 2022

Sunday Brunch - 2022

Group photo before departure - 2022

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