Paul and Margaret Hardy - Together


We have been married since 1976, and have lived almost all that time in the village of Comberton, about 6 miles from the historic university city of Cambridge.

At Kings Here we are standing on the 'Backs' in Cambridge with Kings College in the background in 2000.

Eating And here is a closer view of us enjoying a meal on one of our foreign travels in 1999.

Silver at Iseo It was our Silver Wedding in 2002, and this us us with Lake Iseo in Italy in the background (we were on a walking holiday!).

2003 to 2006 we were exiled to Redlands, California for Paul's work, but returned to Comberton for 2007.

We continue to enjoy travel:

2009 2010 2011
2009 Uzbekistan 2010 Kastellorizo 2011 Norway
2012 2013 2014
2012 Petra 2013 Ecuador 2014 Canada
2015 2017 2018
2015 Moscow 2017 Bluebells 2018 Switzerland
2019 . .
2019 Croatia . .

See our Christmas 2019 Annual Letter for an overview of the past year, and a 2019 Christmas card.

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