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Why Were They Done?

These maps were initially created by Paul Hardy in my leisure time in late 2018 when I started volunteering as a walks leader at the National Trust Wimpole Estate. They were created for my own use, but were later made available on an ad hoc basis to the other walk leader volunteers. The main set of estate walk maps have been updated sporadically since, to improve clarity and keep up with significant landscape changes, such as the construction in 2019/2020 of the Multi-Use Trail (MUT), and the (hopefully temporary) closure since of the paths through the woodland Belts. See at bottom of page for information about how the maps were made, and their (unofficial) status.

Estate Walks

These walks are mainly within the Wimpole estate, and most are being regularly led as part of the National Trust's
Wimpole Wednesday Walk series. These are common default routes, but may well vary according to the leader and conditions, so are not definitive.

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Sunday Stroll

This is the usual route of the Sunday Stroll - a slower shorter tour with lots of history to discuss.

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Longer Walks

These walks centred on the Wimpole Estate go further afield. They are not currently being led, and have not been updated for recent changes to access. such as the construction of the MUT, and the closure of the belts.

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Summary Maps

These summaries show how the various walks cover the estate.

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Zip Archive of All Maps

If you want to dowload the full set of PDF files, there is a Zip file available - Right click to download.

How Were They Done?

I worked for most of my career as a "Software Toolsmith to Mapmakers", latterly for Esri Inc in Redlands, California. Thanks to them, although I am retired, I have a home licence for Esri ArcGIS Pro mapping software, which I used as the primary tool for this project.

The basic steps in the creation of the maps were:

What Is Their Status?

These maps are not official or definitive. They are provided 'as is', based on best effort with limited resources. Nominal scales are between 1:8,000 - 1:20,000. Relative precision is usually around 10 metres. Paul Hardy accepts no liability for the accuracy of these depictions. If you want a definitive map, go to Ordnance Survey or the National Trust!

These maps are intentionally free of Crown or other third party copyright, other than the Copyright restrictions of the underlying OpenStreetMap Open Data which is OpenStreetMap contributors. They are copyright Paul Hardy, licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial) license.

Paul Hardy grants free use of these maps for non-commercial purposes which benefit the Wimpole Estate, provided that the copyright note and a link to this page is retained. For any commercial use, contact Paul Hardy, 15 Kentings, Comberton, CAMBRIDGE, CB23 7DT, or email at paul @ paulhardy.net.

Corrections of errors and omissions are welcomed.

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